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    Game Of Cryptos Blog

    Binance gets 240.000 news users for an hour



    Yesterday, many lucky people agreed to create a binance account after the temporary shutdown. 

    In recent days the news about closings has been disrupting the market of cryptocurrencies has been affected. The most important exchange of all, binance,  opened its accounts yesterday for an hour and it received 240,000 new users. Binance confirms that each week around two million new users join the trading, and numbers could be even more in the future.

    Are there new exchanges in process of creation, such as Lesfex? Would you recommend any new cryoptocurrency? 

    Our crypto community need a large selection of exchanges to choose from, in serious, professional and fast decision making.

    Benjamin Tyler Perrin - BTC SESSIONS interview

    Benjamin Tyler Perrin - BTC SESSIONS interview

    Interview with our customer Benjamin Tyler Perrin.

    Youtuber - BTC Sessions Follow Benja!


    1. Favorite TV series? 

    Really into Ozark and Mindhunter on Netflix right now!


    2. Favorite character.

    TV character – Rick from “Rick & Morty”


    3. Top 3 favorite cryptos.

    Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin.


    4. Bitcoin price June 2018.

    Between $8000-$10,000 USD


    5. What need cryptos for people accept it?

    Cryptos need to grow in market cap in the coming years before people use them as regular currencies. If this happens, the prices of some will skyrocket, while the purely speculative ones will disappear.


    6. Favorite gameofcryptos product?

    Love the hoodies!


    7. Favourite Youtuber and Twitter accounts

    YoutubeCasey Neistat

    Twitter - @fluffypony


    8. Since when you are in the cryptocurrencies?

    I started with crypto in late 2013/early 2014 11. 


    9. What not people understand Cryptos?

    Most people neglect to understand the basics of how Bitcoin works, and therefore are at a huge disadvantage when valuing other coins. Learn your basics first and build from there!


    10. Why people should invest in Cryptos

    Why invest? First off only use money you can afford to lose… but if you have some to throw around I believe that they reward can far outweigh the potential risks (assuming you research what you’re investing in)


    11. What ICO are you follow and think is interesting for next months?
    I steer clear of ICOs right now. I think the concept is great, but I worry that most ICOs right now won’t materialize into anything. When the space matures I’m sure we’ll see some amazing companies raise money this way though.

    Game of Cryptos - Does amazon accept bitcoin ?

    Game of Cryptos - Does amazon accept bitcoin ?
    There have been many news where there is talk about whether Amazon will accept bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies or not.

    Here are many questions to solve. As you know, Amazon has external vendors too, will they be the ones who can only accept bitcoin, ethereumlitecoin?

    Knowing that Amazon sells millions of products a day and knowing that right now the price of bitcoin rises and falls very fast, will they risk accepting bitcoin?

    If so, it would be an incredible news, we would be closer to see how cryptocurrencies are not the future, are the present.

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    Game Of Cryptos - The cryptos needs publicity

    Game Of Cryptos - The cryptos needs publicity

    In such a trendy society we want to create a trademark on the crypto markets. The issue here is, how can YOU make an impact on the market? There are still some people who have not heard about the bitcoin, ethereum...

    It is sadly true. You can give these people a wake-up call through our items. You can also share our stuff through social networks, our website, or simply following us on line.

    Make a bet : What cryptocurrency will reach to the throne in the Game of Cryptos?

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